The internet told me I was his equal…Master told me the internet lied!

I have never thought that I was Master’s equal. I have never wanted to be thought as Master’s equal. why would I? He has complete control over me, he makes all the decisions, I submit to him in all ways, he is my owner, I gave myself over to him years ago. I obey what he tells me. If I thought I was his equal, we would not have the dynamic that we do. We wouldn’t have the relationship that we have for that matter. 

I read today that  some people  think they are equal in their M/s relationships.  I don’t understand that at all. One person said,”we are both humans, that makes us equal.” How does that make two people equal? Especially in a M/s dynamic?  Then there was another person who said that being equal in value makes them equal. And because there was consent in her relationship that made them equals. Then she talked about worth making them equals. I get the whole value and worth thing. I really do.

Master values me as I do him. And I am worth what he wants to put into me as his property. We love each other very much. We take care of each other’s needs. As always Master’s needs come first. We make each other happy and we make each other smile. But, with that said…in no way do those things make me his equal. Equality has nothing to do with value, worth, trust, respect, love, honor, etc. Equality is in a whole different realm than those things I mentioned. When I think about a M/s or O/p relationship, I think about control over another person and one having authority and the other submitting to the person in control. The slave gives all of herself over to her Master and surrenders everything she and has. She obeys his every word. Her Master makes all the decisions and his word is final. And that is how things are. There is nothing about that way of life that says equal to me. In fact it is just the opposite. 

As far as worth goes, I feel I am worth as much as  Master is willing to give of himself to own me. But, yet again that has nothing to do with me being his equal. 

I know that there are many different people in this lifestyle with many different outlooks on this topic. But, why call your dynamic M/s if you actually think of yourselves as equal? There will be as many opinions as there are days of the year. It seems to me that there are a lot people who call their dynamic M/s but it is really D/s and that is fine. Just call it that. There is nothing wrong it. I guess there could be equality in a D/s relationship. M/s is romanticized by others that call themselves by this dynamic. I think these people do not really live a every day Master/slave relationship. It has taken me many years to comprehend what it really means to be Master and slave. What I would be giving up and what would be giving of myself.  I know who I am and that is a slave who is NOT my Master’s equal. 



About slave sunshine

I am my Master's slave. Master and I live together, so we are in a 24/7 relationship. He is my Master before anything else. I try to be a good slave and try to obey his every word. Sometimes, I don't so so well. So, I am trying to learn my obedience with grace and take what comes when I don't with all the grace that I can. I love making friends in our lifestyle and getting together with that we know. Don't be afraid to make a comment on any of my posts. View all posts by slave sunshine

8 responses to “The internet told me I was his equal…Master told me the internet lied!

  • Gillian Colbert

    I understand what you are trying to say and like you said everyone has their own opinion. My personal one is that equality is as varied as love. There many types of love … filial, romantic, friendly, etc. I think equality is also varied.

    As human beings, each and every one of us is equal. We all have the exact same fundamental rights to safety, shelter, food, and opportunity. After that, I no longer think it terms of equality, I think in terms of role. I believe M/s, O/p, D/s, and even vanilla relationships are never equal. Two people cannot both be the boss and someone always has to make the final decision.

    In vanilla relationships, ideally it’s the most qualified person and that is acknowledged by both. In BDSM,this tends to be explicitly negotiated. But, either way it is no longer about equality, it is about authority and role.

    Best wishes … GC

  • Gillian Colbert

    Thank you so much. I must admit, I find your blog fascinating.

  • Shadow's_girl

    i couldn’t put this any better myself… i have to admit this is how i feel as well….. i would like to add if i wanted to be equal in my relationship i would be in a vanilla relationship… i am slave to my Master because i do not want to be His equal i want to be under Him in almost every sense of the word. (if that makes sense)

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