Loving last night

Last night Master and I had a movie night. It was really great. I served as his footstool throughout most of the movie. We had some wine and after the movie, we turned in a little early. We laid in bed and just talked and cut up. I love these kind of nights. They just seem to be really special and I wish had more of them. 

More and more Master seems to finding ways to use me. He has been delving into objectification more than he usually does. I am finding that I am really enjoying it. It is just one more to serve him. I hope this continues and e go even deeper into it.


About slave sunshine

I am my Master's slave. Master and I live together, so we are in a 24/7 relationship. He is my Master before anything else. I try to be a good slave and try to obey his every word. Sometimes, I don't so so well. So, I am trying to learn my obedience with grace and take what comes when I don't with all the grace that I can. I love making friends in our lifestyle and getting together with that we know. Don't be afraid to make a comment on any of my posts. View all posts by slave sunshine

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