living with my collar

Since Master collared me, I have been trying to get used having it on all the time. The hardest part for me has been sleeping with it on. For some reason at night, sleeping with it was really hard. But, it is getting easier. Master has been really good about it. For the first few night he took it off for me, because I was having anxiety attacks while trying to sleep. I felt really bad that he was taking it off of me, but he understood. He knew it would take time to get used to having it on. Now, its getting easier and during the day, i don’t hardly notice it. 

I love my collar. I can feel Master’s ownership with it. There has been one time that Master thought I wan’t listening to him and grabbed the collar and asked me if I was listening. It has become a tool for him in many ways. i was worried about reactions when I went out places, but no one has said anything, which I am glad. I actually think that no one really notices.

I have come to love my collar and all that it stands for.



About slave sunshine

I am my Master's slave. Master and I live together, so we are in a 24/7 relationship. He is my Master before anything else. I try to be a good slave and try to obey his every word. Sometimes, I don't so so well. So, I am trying to learn my obedience with grace and take what comes when I don't with all the grace that I can. I love making friends in our lifestyle and getting together with that we know. Don't be afraid to make a comment on any of my posts. View all posts by slave sunshine

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