Monthly Archives: March 2012

Life Is Good

Life here has been really good. Master’s sells have been wonderful, my daughter was home this week from college and I have been feeling pretty good. It always feels good when things seem to be going well. And the weather has been beautiful. We will be taking my daughter back on Sunday. It will be a long drive there and back. I am sure we will be talking about her coming home for the summer. 

As far as my collar is concerned Master is so sweet. He lets me take it off at bed time. I have been having a hard time sleeping with it on. He puts it back on first thing in the morning and I wear it all day. At first I felt really bad about taking it off at night. But, then he told me that it doesn’t bother him and that I am collared whether or not I have my collar on. He would rather be able to sleep at night than not sleep at all. I feel so lucky to have someone who is so understanding. 

Life is good!