In Our Home

– When Master returns home greet him on my knees at the door 

When leaving the house, always ask permission to leave

When bringing Master coffee or any drink during the day, I am to serve him on my knees (there are times it doesn’t happen that way)

 When serving him dinner at the table, kneel at my chair until Master instructs me to sit.

– Master will always take the first bite at every meal. Master will instruct me that I can eat.

 When eating at the sofa, I am to sit at his feet.

When watching television in the living room, my place is at Master’s feet.

Always ask permission to sit on the furniture.

 Ask before having any alcoholic beverage.

If going to bed before Master, ask permission to go to bed.

– At bedtime kneel at Master’s bedside and give him my nightly vow.

– Always ask permission to get into Master’s bed & thank him.

Give Master his nightly bath.

Outside Of Home

– When out in public I will always use Sir or Master.

Unless Master says other wise, I am to walk behind him and on the right side.

 Always ask if I can spend money on myself 

When going out to eat I always wait for Master to tell me to sit.

Same rules apply to eating as they do at home.

Tell Master what I want and he will order it.

Make sure Master’s glass is always full.

Always remember that I am a reflection of Master, so behave like it.



2 responses to “Protocols

  • Amy Baker

    I love your website and your ups and downs and your truth about you and your Master. My Daddy and I have a similar relationship and I can really relate to you when you have mentioned loving your Master and wanting to be obedient not always.meeting the mark. You make me know I’m not alone in my endeavors to serve. Thank you,

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