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Obey Or Else……

There are times that I do not want to do what Master tells me to do, or requests me to…but I do those things anyway. Sometimes I huff and puff and sometimes I will try to tell him the reasons that I don’t want to do them. He will simply say that he understands why I don’t want to do it, but that it’s going to get done anyway. In my mind I know that I am going to do what I am told no matter what. Why…well because that is what I agreed to when entering our relationship. It’s what makes us work, it’s the dynamic we have. He has the ultimate power and I obey. The contract that I signed with Master says that I agree to submit to him in every way. Not just sometimes or when I choose, but all the time. Yes, there are many times I just don’t want to and that is where my “obedience with grace” comes in. Master will remind me of who I am (not that I need reminding). It has never occurred to me that he would end our relationship if I did not obey him. I am sure that if it happened over and over that would be a consequence that I would have to face. To me, not obeying would strike at the core of our dynamic. We would not have the TPE anymore.

I have had punishments for not obeying. I accept those with grace also. I know that by not obeying that I agreed that punishments could happen. After the punishment is over, we talk and then life goes on. I don’t feel like me obeying or not obeying is an ultimatum with Master. he doesn’t give me ultimatums. He shouldn’t have to. He is in charge of me and I do what I am told. It’s as simple as that. I have read things that other subs or slaves have wrote that say that they obey because they love their Dom/Master. Maybe that could be true…for us though our M/s relationship trumps the other side of us. I agreed to obey him and be his slave even before we fell in love. I obey because of my devotion to him as his slave and because it is the core of who I am.

I find comfort in knowing that it is as simple as “obey or leave.”