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Property vs. Slave…Is there a difference?

I never really gave this much thought before. I always felt like because I was Master’s slave that made me his property. But, the longer we were together the more I felt like his property, like I fully belonged to him in every sense of the word. Becoming his slave meant that I was to submit to him in every way and obey him. Being his property meant giving up everything that was mine and handing it over to him and knowing that I own nothing, everything is his. Master owns me. He makes all decisions, his word is final. I ask permission for just about everything. To me, that is more than being his slave. That is about being totally owned. He can use me any way that he sees fit and how he pleases. I have no say so in the matter. Property doesn’t own property is the way it works with Master.

There are others who see being a slave the same thing as being property. I just feel that being property is something deeper. I guess as far as terminology goes M/s is the same as O/p. Also there are those who will say that all the terms are just labels. It’s all in how you view it.¬†

I am my Master’s slave and property. I am owned! Do you think that the two are¬†interchangeable? Are they one in the same?