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The Option Of Leaving

There has been a lot of talk on a slave being able to leave the relationship.  What I absolutely don’t like to hear, is someone else telling others how they can live their lives and what is legal and not legal and what they can or cannot do. The only person who can tell me if I can leave is my Master. He is the only one that can tell me what I can or cannot do. I wanted to write about how it is for me and what my reality actually is.


I wanted to make sure I really knew the man I was getting involved with. We took the time to find out about each other and explore everything there was to know. I became in awe of this man that was becoming more and more apart of my life. He was getting inside my head. There wasn’t a minute of the day that I didn’t think about him. When the time came and we actually talked about me becoming his slave he laid everything out. He told me what he expected and wanted from a M/s relationship and from me. He made it perfectly clear that he would have it no other way but his. It was his terms….not mine. I could accept all of this or walk away at that point. There would be no negotiating or saying, “well I want it this way, or could it be this way.” If I wanted to be with him, it was all or nothing.

One of the terms was that if at any point I wanted out, I needed to tell him and we would talk about it and try to work things out first. He said things can be fixed if they are worth fixing. Then, after that I still wanted out of the relationship I needed to come to him and ask him for my release. But, I had to understand that  if he let me go, there would be no chance in hell of ever coming back to him. Along with that he would decide if I took anything with me. Even the things I brought into the relationship, because they would all belong to him at that point. On the other hand, if he told me I wasn’t leaving then I go no where. And, that would be how things would work. Then we talked about collaring. If and when that ever happened, once the collar was around my neck the option of ever leaving was gone for good. There would be no asking to be released. It would be a lifetime commitment. I would be his property, his slave, his forever.

I accepted all his terms. I knew exactly what I was doing. I became his slave and knew how things would work. Five years after we had been together, he put that collar around my neck. There is no leaving now. And just for those nay sayers….I CAN’T leave. This is my reality. This is how we live life. Why would ever want to leave though? I love my life with my Master. What we have is not something I would ever want to leave. I love who we are together. 


Property vs. Slave…Is there a difference?

I never really gave this much thought before. I always felt like because I was Master’s slave that made me his property. But, the longer we were together the more I felt like his property, like I fully belonged to him in every sense of the word. Becoming his slave meant that I was to submit to him in every way and obey him. Being his property meant giving up everything that was mine and handing it over to him and knowing that I own nothing, everything is his. Master owns me. He makes all decisions, his word is final. I ask permission for just about everything. To me, that is more than being his slave. That is about being totally owned. He can use me any way that he sees fit and how he pleases. I have no say so in the matter. Property doesn’t own property is the way it works with Master.

There are others who see being a slave the same thing as being property. I just feel that being property is something deeper. I guess as far as terminology goes M/s is the same as O/p. Also there are those who will say that all the terms are just labels. It’s all in how you view it. 

I am my Master’s slave and property. I am owned! Do you think that the two are interchangeable? Are they one in the same?