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Worshiping Master

I was having a hard time coming up with a topic today, so I asked Master what he would like me to write about. He suggested that write about what goes on in my head during my worship time. First let me explain exactly I mean when I say “worship time.” This is a time that I dedicate to Master. He could be watching television or on the computer or even in the bed. I kneel in front of him, lean forward with my chest on the floor and my arms stretched out in front of me pointing towards Master. I use this time like a meditation time. I think about all the ways that I can improve my service to Master or ways to improve myself to be better for Master. I reflect on how much I love him and how much I love serving him. This time means a lot to the both of us. It shows Master how dedicated I am to him and how much I love him.  He usually has me do this two or three times a week. It keeps in a slave mind-set and grounds me and brings back to who I am if I am having an off day.

There are times I can go into a deep meditation when I am worshiping. Then there are times that I fantasize about how I wish things were or how they could be. Often I have pictured Master with another girl in the bed and I am tied to chair made to watch them. I also envision how things would be if Master had another submissive or slave here with us. 

I believe that this worship time over the years has brought us closer as Master & slave.