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Testing The Waters

Yesterday I didn’t feel to well and my service was not up to par. Master understood though and has been concerned about how I am feeling. Anyway, yesterday morning I brought him his coffee like I always do and I just handed it to him. He asked me if this is way I serve him. It hit me that I didn’t kneel when giving him his coffee. I apologized and made sure that I knelt when bringing him the second cup. Later on in the day Master was talking to me and I replied with just a yes. He then said, “yes what?” I meant to say yes Sir. Then last night I didn’t ask permission to get in the bed and he turned to me and asked if I was testing him. I was a little confused. I told him no and he explained to me that all day it had seemed as if I was testing him to see how far I could push him or how long he would let me get away with things. It hit me, I had not been myself all day and didn’t feel good. I told him that I didn’t feel well and that I just wasn’t myself. He then understood.

It got me to thinking. I wonder if I have ever unintentionally tested Master. I have read many threads on fetlife about subs and slaves that push their boundaries or test how far they can push their Dom/Master.  I Do not think that this would be beneficial for either party. To me it shows a lack of trust on the sub/slaves part. If a sub/slave feels she has to test the waters so to speak to see how far he/she can go before something happens, then the dynamic is not what it should be. It shows a lack of communication, that is very much-needed. It also shows a lack of respect on the slave’s part. It may be that the slave is trying to get her Dom/Master to be more Dominant or show more authority. Or may be that she just wants to see how far he/she can push before getting punished or disciplined. If this is happening, the dynamic in my opinion is broken.  When you enter into a relationship/dynamic there has to already be a trust there and a confidence that things are the way they should be. And the people involved have agreed as to how their dynamic should work. (meaning boundaries, limits, etc.) There just should be no reason for the sub/slave to even want to test their Dom/Master. 

Every person goes through what we call life. things happen and we all get caught in everyday life things. And sometimes our Masters/Doms have a lot on their plates. They have work, stress, bills, us to take care of, and many other things. If there are days that he/she doesn’t show their dominance, it shouldn’t be thought of as a fault or maybe they don’t want me anymore, or I need to test them to see if I am still what they want. Just be there because you care, because you of all people should know what your Master wants and needs. By serving him at all times even when their dominance isn’t showing, is a testament to you as his property and slave. As I am sure that your owner shows care and concern when you are not your best and when you don’t feel like submitting on those days when you don’t feel good.

Just trust your dynamic and the one that you with. Communicate your needs and wants and there will not be a reason to feel like you have to “test the waters.” And remember…if you still feel like you want or need to test the water or push your boundaries,  be careful of what you wish for…you just might get it, and might not be what you were hoping for. So, be prepared that if you keep it up, you might be released and asked to leave. Just a thought!


Treated As A Equal

There was a post on Fetlife the other day that I found quite interesting.  The topic was about subs and slave being equal to their Dom or Master. It got me to thinking do I consider myself my Master’s equal? So, I had a conversation with him and we actually thought the same thing. When it comes to me being his slave, I am not his equal. I do not have the power he has in our relationship. I do as I am told and I sit at his feet. That does not add up to being equal to my Master. On the other hand when it comes to making decisions as to my daughter’s life or our health choices and certain life things we are equal. 

Some subs said that because they were respected, loved and well taken care of in their relationship it made them equal.  Then one person said two halves make a whole, so that makes them equal. Well, here is my confusion…if a sub or slave says okay I am yours and I give my life over to you and we talk about  things but your decision is what goes and I am going to follow your orders and obey you and then they say they are equal to their Dom or Master, doesn’t make sense to me.

A Dom or Master can value his sub or slave thoughts, opinions and her feelings and that does not make her his equal. I serve my Master, I submit to him and I sit at his feet. to me that is not equal at all. And to tell you the truth, I don’t want to be considered his equal….I would not be his slave then in my opinion. That’s my thought for the day…..

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