Monthly Archives: December 2011


Things here at home have a little chaotic for the past week or so. My mind has been in a hundred different places. Last night Master let me know that my soul focus is on him. Even though I have things to do and take care of, he thinks my focus has shifted and it doesn’t sit well with him. I guess you could say that he yanked on my leash a little last night. And it actually felt good to be put back into my place. A little reminder of what my first priority should be.

I don’t do this often, get off track on what my focus should be. But, with my daughter having come home and wanting to spend lots of time with her and shopping for Christmas, and wanting to do my crafts…I just got off track. But, when it does happen Master is very good about reigning me back in and setting me straight. Sometimes that might include just a few words, to yanking the leash (so to speak), or it could entail a little physical reminder. I just know that I feel like a disappointment when this happens, but it is good to be reminded.


Loving last night

Last night Master and I had a movie night. It was really great. I served as his footstool throughout most of the movie. We had some wine and after the movie, we turned in a little early. We laid in bed and just talked and cut up. I love these kind of nights. They just seem to be really special and I wish had more of them. 

More and more Master seems to finding ways to use me. He has been delving into objectification more than he usually does. I am finding that I am really enjoying it. It is just one more to serve him. I hope this continues and e go even deeper into it.